L'Arène Théâtre

L’Arène-Théâtre is a non-profit association (according to the French law 1901), which aim is to promote and assist students performing arts practice at the Rennes 2 University. The association's goal is to support the organization, administration, production and diffusion of performing arts within and beside the university. Through theoretical or practical approaches, it focuses on promoting performing arts access to all students, without any kind of judgment about their esthetic skills.


The Amphithéâtre association has started to offer a theater practice to Rennes 2 students in 1991. Following the merger of Amphithéâtre and Cabazart in 2007, a new association is created, L’Arène-Théâtre. Thus, we have been offering to students an access to performing arts for more than twenty years.


Each year, the association organizes two festivals : Entrez Dans L'Arène which grants a performance on the campus of Rennes 2 to ten projects supported by the association but also to others national or international companies. . ; Les Nocturnes Insolites, a partnership with the ADEC (Amateur Theater Association), which offers a performance in a theater to the ten supported projects.

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